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Discovering basil pesto: the Royal Dining Experience is back

After the incredible success of the first appointment, the Royal Dining Experience returns to the Royal Hotel Sanremo, on Tuesday, 18 October. This evening is entirely dedicated to the characteristic flavours of Liguria such as basil pesto, a delicacy as simple as unmistakable with its strong, fresh and enveloping taste.

The Royal Hotel Sanremo is a prestigious location, perfect for finding peace and relaxation, but also to discover the history and precious features of its hospitable land, i.e. Liguria.

With its 150 years of history and the privileged position between land and sea, the Hotel is the ideal destination for anyone who recognises luxury, charm and beauty. Even more today, you have the opportunity to experience the Ligurian food and wine delicacies firsthand and directly in the unparalleled setting of the Royal Hotel Sanremo.

The history of basil pesto: the origins of an unmistakable condiment

The protagonist of this second appointment with the Royal Dining Experience will be basil pesto. The name is already explanatory: this condiment is obtained from the "crushing" of the basil leaves in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle. With care and popular wisdom, the other typical ingredients are added that contribute to making this sauce even more extraordinary such as oil, salt, garlic and pine nuts.

Although it is not one of the oldest recipes, basil pesto today is a real symbol of the culinary tradition of Liguria. Legend has it, that in a convent in Prà, a town on the heights of Genoa, a friar tried to crush the basil almost for fun and obtained a delicious sauce. It was about 1870 and that culinary experiment marked history.

The scents and flavours of Liguria on 18th October at the Royal Dining Experience

Together with the association of municipalities “Antiche Vie del Sale” and the association "Restaurants of La Tavolozza", Royal Hotel Sanremo is the second event of the Royal Dining Experience, an evening dedicated to discovering not only the basil and pesto but also other typical products of this incredible land.

On 18 October we will discover the food and wine heritage of Liguria: from the refined cuisine of today that moves its steps thanks to the "grandmother's recipe", to the typical products of the region, passing through the universe of food storytelling, crowning it all with an extraordinary dinner with Liguria-themed tasting menu in the Fiori di Murano Restaurant of the Royal Hotel Sanremo

During the day guests can devote themselves to the very interesting cooking classes dedicated to Basil Pesto, or marvel at participating in a workshop on edible flowers and dive into the world of tastings with a triple tasting of oil, wine and local cheeses. All this on the stunning panoramic terrace with a sea view.

An overwhelming and immersive evening in Ligurian culinary culture. It will make your taste buds tingle and your heart jump a beat for the unmistakable beauty of the exclusive location. The Royal Hotel Sanremo makes every holiday a life experience.

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