Discovering the traditional flavours of Liguria

As we know, the Royal Hotel Sanremo is the location of excellence to relax and be pampered and be spoiled. One of The Leading Hotels of The World, with its 150 years of history, set in a unique landscape: overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the hills with olive groves and the mountains of the Argentina Valley behind, it is a destination preferred by true connoisseurs of luxury and beauty.
This uniqueness is also reflected in the typical flavours of Liguria and it is precise to this theme that we decided, together with the "Antica via del Sale" municipal association and the "Ristoranti Della Tavolozza" association, to dedicate two evenings to our guests to discover the food and wine heritage of Liguria: from the genius loci to traditional cuisine, from typical products to food storytelling, crowned by an extraordinary dinner with a tasting menu at the Fiori di Murano restaurant.

September 27th and October 18th: Royal Dining Experience

Remember these dates: September 27th and October 18th: we offer you a journey to discover the cultural universe of Ligurian cuisine with its rituals and myths, a multi-sensory experience dedicated to typical flavours: the two memorable evenings at the sign of taste.
On our splendid panoramic terrace, with a breathtaking sea view that never fails, it will be possible to discover local products of excellence presented and told by the chefs: from basil pesto to the scent of aromatic herbs, passing through a tasting of the excellence of the sea, including the delicious purple shrimp of Sanremo, through the discovery of edible flowers and ending with tasty cheeses, all in combination with the excellent wines of the territory.
Or, why not, try firsthand to make some of the typical local recipes, participating in a cooking class under the expert guidance of the Chef, to be proposed again at home with friends to relive the flavours of the magnificent holiday at the Royal Hotel Sanremo.
Two appointments, two unique evenings and many unforgettable moments to carry forever in your memory and your heart.

Edible flowers: from tradition to the most innovative cuisine

Particular attention will be paid to a theme, that of edible flowers. Buds, corellas and petals not only serve as decorations, but are a real prominent presence in many dishes, traditional and non, both in Liguria and throughout Italy.
After all, flowers have always been used in cooking and already appear in some ancient recipes. Think of courgette flowers, cauliflowers or artichokes. We often eat them without even remembering that yes, they are just flowers! But next to them we can not forget also the Begonia, the Carnation, the Nasturtium, the Calendula or the much more famous Saffron or the Viola.
The "Ristoranti Della Tavolozza" association, one of the entities that will participate in the creation of the event at the Royal Hotel Sanremo, has always helped chefs and aspiring cooks to recognize and appreciate the infinite qualities of edible flowers, to use them in the kitchen you need knowledge and study.

Dinner with a tasting menu at Fiori di Murano restaurant

The event will then end with the possibility of booking a dinner with a Liguria-themed tasting menu in the Fiori di Murano restaurant of the Royal Hotel Sanremo.
Two evenings of culinary culture and traditional flavours are about to arrive at the Royal Hotel Sanremo to make your stay here once again unique and memorable.

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