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Our attention and special
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Our attention and special
care for you >


Fitness Room

The fitness room is equipped with tapis roulant, cyclette and state-of-the-art equipment for a healthy physical exercise and a completeremise enforme.

Open from 10:00 to 20:00.

Guests must be 18 years or older to enter. Children aged 16 years are admitted only if they are accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

Cardio Wave Machine
Easy, effective and fun: thanks to its biomechanical characteristics, the Cardio Wave allows for movements that are natural, effective and safe. Thanks to the Multiplanar Cardio Exercise, it is possible to train glutes, core and pelvis stabilisers plus legs on three different planes of movement, combining extension, abduction and extra-rotation.
The workouts can be set based on time, distance or calories, with 23 programmes already set up for you.

Run Now Treadmill
A breakthrough even for the most demanding runners: the running plane guarantees the ideal balance between impact absorption and load reflex, giving the electrifying sensation of natural running.
The workouts can be set based on time, distance or calories, with 23 programs already set up for you.

Is the ideal equipment for those who prefer a cardio activity that is moderate and with greater comfort, allowing for a workout that does not strain your back. The visual display shows, in an easy and immediate way, the progress of the exercises over time, the distance covered and calories burned, with 14 pre-set programmes.

Unica Technogymn
A multifunctional piece of equipment designed for fitness and muscle enhancement that allows for the execution of more than 25 diversiCon Unica™ exercises that can bolster all the muscles you want in a targeted manner. Guided trajectories and postures required ensure it is suitable also for beginners with loadbearing.

Adjustable Bench Med
A reclining bench that allows for the carrying out of different exercises, using bodyweight or with the help of equipment like weights and dumbbells. It is perfect together with the Technogym chrome barbells, available from one to ten kilogrammes.

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