Where to go sailing in Sanremo or nearby, for an unforgettable time in the sea

It’s undeniable that sailing is a well-rounded sport that has timeless charm, and it’s also sustainable. In order to be in the middle of the sea on a sailboat, you need to know the winds, how to read the power of the waves, and work together to lead the boat to its destination.
Therefore, it’s not a surprise that this is one of the most requested activities by the travelers arriving in Sanremo. After all, in a city with such a privileged climate and position, it would be a sin not to enjoy of the sea all year round.
Let’s find out together where to sail in Sanremo and nearby, in order to live an unforgettable experience that will enhance your stay at the Royal Hotel Sanremo.

Benefits of sailing: the quintessential eco-friendly sport

A sailboat essentially moves thanks to the power of the wind blowing on the bright white sails. That is why in the past few years, this sport has been identified as the most sustainable and eco-friendly ever.
Sailing provides many benefits: from team work that helps adults and children to achieve self-awareness within a team, to improving your balance. While sailing you will learn every aspect of the boat, the sea, and the weather conditions. Let’s not forget that open air sports like sailing, contribute to fulfill our daily vitamin D needs.
Where to sail in Sanremo, and nearby?
It’s really easy to answer the question, asking what are the best areas to try your hand at sailing in and around Sanremo: the answer is everywhere! Obviously, the necessary requirement is the presence of boats with a trained skipper who can help beginners during their first outings.
However, some areas allow to have an even more magical experience thanks to the panorama offered. That is why places like Sanremo and the homonymous Yacht Club, Monaco, or the Côte d’Amur are at the top of the list of the most popular places to go sailing.

Sailing activities at the yacht Club Sanremo

The Sanremo’s Yacht Club was founded as a Sailing Company in 1920, and it immediately started to organize events of the highest level. In 1956 it officially became Yacht Club Sanremo, dedicating itself to intense sporting activities. Only two years later, it also gave life to the first Training School.
The Royal Hotel Sanremo has been collaborating for years with the Yacht Club Sanremo, being always present for the important regattas such as that of the Dragons or the Rolex Giraglia, proposing exclusive stays to the races’ participants, and organizing elegant welcome aperitifs.

Let’s drop the moorings, and leave

It’s time to drop the moorings, haul the mainsail, and leave towards the beauties of the open sea. Sailing in Sanremo it’s not only a sport, it is an exciting, and enriching experience that you need to try at least once in your life to feel at one with the Great Blue.

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