Our attention and special
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Our attention and special
care for you >


“Royal Wellness Experience” - to find peace and well being

The month of March marks the beginning of spring. The scent of flowers fills the air as they start to bloom, the days get longer and the sun gets more intense. This is exactly the right time to spend time with those you love and to do it best we have devised a service and a perfect relaxation package for all those who have decided to treat themselves to a moment of peace and well-being, taking a well-deserved break from the routine and stress of every day. What are we describing? Nothing other than the Royal Hotel Sanremo's wonderful wellness oasis: the Royal Wellness.

Discover Royal Wellness: for unlimited wellness

Being able to carve out a moment for oneself, is often essential to regain the necessary energy to win the small and big battles that life puts before us every day. For this reason, Royal Wellness becomes a sort of happy island where you can take refuge and indulge in a moment of true peace.

Already at first glance, peeking through the glass decorated with the motif called "Tree", you can perceive all the wonder of this oasis of well-being. A porcelain stoneware wall with a "crocodile" effect accompanies all guests until they reach the heart of the Royal Wellness: the whirlpool tub, covered in a mother-of-pearl mosaic and set between a glass wall one in gold-coloured scratched resin. Warm, elegant and luxurious tones are chosen with extreme care: gold and bronze blend perfectly with the brown ash and moka tones of the spa whose task is to transmit even more peace and relaxation to guests.

The common thread of a relaxing atmosphere, full of well-being and peace, can be found almost everywhere. In the emotional showers with the characteristic water games, optical effects and perfumes, but also throughout the wet area and obviously in the relaxation area where you can relax with ergonomic sunbeds, music therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy... at the Royal Wellness, you can find everything you have always wanted and dreamed of for a holiday of well-being.

Let yourself be lulled by the soft atmosphere, rediscover inner well-being thanks to all the details and attention that our team puts at your disposal and indulge in the luxury of a complete range of massages enhanced with MEI essential oil – Best Italian Herbs from wild plants. All this in the refined and sophisticated environment of the Royal Wellness, which will give you moments of precious intimacy.

The Royal Wellness Experience package

To spend time and experience unforgettable emotions with those you love, you could then give yourself or all the people you love, the "Royal Wellness Experience" package. Among the many advantages of this special experience, you will also have a EUR 150 spa voucher to take advantage of for all the exclusive and enveloping MEI treatments. Lastly, you can revitalise the body and give new energy to the spirit, thanks to the personalised massages performed with extreme professionalism by our team.

Let's celebrate the arrival of spring together, let's go back to taking care of ourselves and giving the people we love a relaxing and unique holiday. And remember, the Royal Hotel Sanremo and the Royal Wellness are already waiting for you.

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