The Marianna Suite: a stay packed with history and wonder

It is dawn. The fresh scent of the sheets unites in a tender embrace with the slightly sparkling scent of the sea breeze that enters from the open window. A gust of breeze slightly moves the white curtains and the blue of the sea finds its way into the rooms, illuminating them through the blinds and caressing our still asleep and puffed-up eyelids.

Could this be a dream? No. This is what awakening feels like every morning in the Exclusive Marianna Suite at the Royal Hotel Sanremo.

It is one of the Hotel's most particular Suites given that it was created from the passion and unmistakable taste of the Royal Hotel Sanremo's founder, Lorenzo Bertolini's daughter-in-law Marianna Perrino in 1872.

Those who opt for this Suite choose the timeless charm of an experience of hospitality, the beating heart of the entire Hotel for 150 years.

Marianna Perrino: the Bertolini family’s emblem of hospitality

Married to Maurizio Bertolini, son of Lorenzo Bertolini, Marianna Perrino was the extraordinary woman to whom the eponymous Exclusive Suite at the Royal Hotel Sanremo was dedicated.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Marianna has shown the family and all the guests of the Hotel great care and invaluable attention to the highest concept of hospitality.

She used to check the Royal Hotel Sanremo every day and it was not at all uncommon to see her walking in the common areas and chatting with guests amicably. In that period, the English and Russian aristocracy spent the mild winters in Sanremo, so she would collect ideas and requests to understand how to make their stays even more pleasant. But that's not all! Marianna loved to see the smile on the travellers' faces and for them it was customary, together with her husband, to organise sumptuous themed evenings in the Hotel's restaurant.

A charismatic, passionate, family-oriented woman. This was Marianna Perrino and the best way to honour one of the most important female souls of the Hotel was to dedicate a Suite to her: her favourite no less!

The Marianna Suite's history

At the time Marianna lived, the room she stayed in was simply called Suite 220. She loved it and for this reason, she contributed personally to the choice of furnishings, taking inspiration from some of the most elegant elements of the royal Sissi Suite.

She was convinced that from the windows and balconies of Suite 220 she could enjoy the best view of the Hotel's garden and the facing sea. Such a view can range from the subtropical park to the prestigious terrace and you are so close to the sea that the crash of the waves on the shore is a delicate melody.

It's time to live a dream

Today the Marianna Suite is one of the most appreciated by Royal Hotel Sanremo's guests. Its classic and modern design is perceived in every room, from the large dining room to the bedroom. Every element makes it a proper precious jewel. But it is evident: the stories themselves don't do justice to all this beauty, it is time to witness the magic in person. We look forward to seeing you.

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