Luxury Hotels Italian Riviera

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In addition to the welcome we will reserve specially for you at our luxury hotel with swimming pool, Sanremo itself will offer you so much more; the City of Flowers, the Festival and the Casino. You will be charmed to discover the hidden heritage revealed by this veritable ‘centre of excellence’ that is Liguria, whilst enjoying the pleasures presented by a 5 star hotel on the Ligurian Riviera.

In fact, only a 5 Star Ligurian Coast Italy Hotel can offer you this exceptional level of relaxation and comfort: a short walk from the sea and from the steep slopes of the Apennines you will be able to take advantage of the comforts of this San Remo city hotel with it’s luxurious swimming pool, enjoy the city of Sanremo or succumb to a re-invigorating walk on one of the numerous paths in the area.

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